Energy Business Motion

Members and admission

Number of members: 64

Membership admission process

The applicant can only begin to trade on the HUPX GO market and register trades once it has been successfully admitted to the exchange.

Preconditions of the membership:

  • Registry Account at Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) or other AIB member

Admission forms:

1. After fulfilling the preconditions the applicant shall send unsigned drafts of the following admission forms to for a review:

  • GO Membership Agreement (Technical Regulation No.5)
  • “Know Your Customer” questionnaire (Technical Regulation No.6)
  • Identification Form (D01)
  • Authorized Signatures Form (D02)
  • Trader Registration Form (D03)
  • Personal Data Handling Declaration Form for each registered trader

2. HUPX Ltd. shall review the provided drafts and if needed send guidelines to complete drafts before the final submission. Additionally, together with the document review results, it will send ready-to-sign Assigned Account Form (D04), with details about the Deposit Account and Registry Account of HUPX. 

3. The applicant completes and sends fully signed originals to HUPX Ltd.

  • If requested, prospect member updates the relevant documents based on the feedback provided by HUPX Ltd.  
  • Signs the relevant documents in the following way:
    • Two (2) originals: Membership agreement (Technical Regulation No.5) and Assigned Account (D04)
    • One (1) original: “Know Your Customer” questionnaire (Technical Regulation No.6), Identification Form (D01), Authorized Signatures Form (D02), Trader Registration Form (D03) and Personal Data Handling Declaration Form

Supporting documents:

  • Company Registration Extract (issued within 60 calendar days)
  • copy of VAT certification
  • Proof of contract or certified copy of Registry Account contract with MEKH or other AIB Member

Signed admission forms and supporting documents can be sent to HUPX Ltd. either via post (in case of a wet signature) or electronically (in case of a e-signature) to

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

  HUPX GO Admission Package

GO Workshop: Entering the Hungarian market

HUPX and MEKH (Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority) organized a workshop dedicated to Hungarian RES producers on 31 January 2023.

During the workshop we introduced the Hungarian guarantees of origin market and guided the participants through all the official and practical steps of entering the market from MEKH registry through bid submission to settlement.

Date: 31 January, 2023

The Agenda was structured around the following items:

  1. How to open a MEKH account, steps of issuing a GO, the way to trading
  2. To do list of your HUPX GO membership; how does the organized market work and what to do as a seller?  
  3. Questions

Presentations are available here.