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DAM- Aggregated Data


Please note that the aggregated demand and supply curves above show the linear (single hours) orders aggregated, complemented with the executed block volumes, the net position and the physical delivery orders from HUDEX. The market clearing price is defined where the demand curve and supply curve meet. The market clearing volume shall be determined by linear interpolation.

Extract from the terms and conditions:

Any index created or price calculated by HUPX Ltd. may be used freely and free of charge by anyone for internal calculations (not to be passed on or published) and for the settlement of contracts concluded outside of an organized or regulated market, in particular for the price determination of power trading and supply contracts. If a user intends to use any index created or price calculated by HUPX Ltd. in any other way than for the purposes expressly allowed above, in particular to incorporate them in products or services offered and/or traded on organized or regulated markets or similar platforms, he/she must conclude a contract with HUPX Ltd. for their use. Please contact us at if you wish to do so, or if you have any questions about the further use of the Content. The complete Terms and Conditions are available here: Terms and Conditions