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Independent software vendors (ISV)

The list below contains all independent software vendor (ISV) companies, which provide software with real-time interface to HUPX Intraday trading system (M7) through API. The following access types can be requested:

  • read only: retrieve market and trading data on real-time basis;
  • read & write: retrieve market and trading data on real-time basis and possibility to submit orders.

The listed software are certified by HUPX following the successful completion of operational tests.

Trayport VisoTech GmbH

Software:  Periotheus

Lemböckgasse 49/1A/OG 5

1230 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43 1 6092290


PowerBot GmbH

Software: PowerBot

Gersthofer Straße 29-31

1180 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43 720 900018


Volue Germany GmbH

Software: Likron Automatic Execution Service

Bülowstraße 27,

D-81679 München, Germany

Phone: + 49 89 43 7777 9777