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A new release of Euphemia is scheduled to go-live


Important step towards the execution of CACM targets with the implementation of a new release to enable multi NEMO configurations in the system.

Release note Euphemia 10.3 Single Day Ahead Coupling Algorithm - 2019/04/03


A new release of Euphemia is scheduled to go-live in MRC for delivery day 4 April 2019 and the release in 4M MC is planned for delivery day 15 May 2019. In comparison to the current version, the following changes will be implemented:

  • MNA support
    • Euphemia is prepared t support multi NEMO configurations:
      • Apart from bidding zones, Euphemia now also models scheduling areas within each bidding zone, and NEMO trading hubs within each scheduling area;
      • Scheduled exchanges are calculated between the bidding zones, between the scheduling areas and between the NEMO trading hubs in accordance to requirements set forth by TSO scheduled exchange methodology;
      • Tie break rules between complex orders and block orders (now possibly between different NEMOs within the same bidding zones) needed to be extended;
  • Changes to the number of parallel threads
    • The number f parallel threads in MRC had to be reduced from 10 to 8, to counter the expected increase in the problem size due to organic growth, future extensions and MNA implementation;
  • Performance improvements
    • Euphemia’s implementatin of the flow based intuitive detection has been improved, aiming to avoid unnecessary calculations;
  • Miscellaneous
    • Varius small improvements.