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Change in the CEEGEX natural gas market data subscription conditions


 from 1st October 2024     

CEEGEX Ltd. hereby informs the subscribers of the natural gas market data packages (Info User, Data Vendor) about the following changes in the subscription of the data packages and contractual conditions that will come into effect from October 1, 2024: 

  • The CEEGEX Spot Market (U1, U2, V1, V2) data packages previously contracted by HUPX Ltd. will be contracted separately by CEEGEX Ltd. with the above effect. 
  • At the same time, a new contract form will be introduced by CEEGEX Ltd. The new contract templates are available on our website. In accordance with the new templates, it becomes necessary to modify the previously signed contracts. 
  • We would like to draw the attention of our subscribers to the withdrawal of the 15%, 20%, 30% and 50% discounts applied so far when multiple data packages were ordered together in case of CEEGEX data packages. 
  • The pricing of CEEGEX Info User (U1, U2) data packages will not change, but the discounts for ordering multiple data packages will be withdrawn. The pricing methodology of CEEGEX Data Vendor (V1, V2) data packages will be reviewed depending on the way the data is used.  

In the case of new subscribers, the new contract forms will be applied from July 1, 2024. 


The changes do not affect the content of the data packages, the availability of data via SFTP, nor the read-only access to the trading system (API). 


Our colleagues will soon contact the current subscribers of the CEEGEX data packages directly! 


For further details, please review our information packages or contact us at