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CORE FB MC Workshop proceedings are available


The video recording and presentations held at the introductory workshop on the flow-based Market Coupling project are available.

In order to prepare market participants for the go-live of the Core Day Ahead Flow-Based Market Coupling, which is expected in Q2 2022, Core Flow-Based Market Coupling project parties organised an online workshop on 22 November 2021. The workshop mainly focused on the basics of flow-based capacity calculation and aimed to equip with sufficient knowledge about the market coupling those market participants that are new to the subject. The video recording of the workshop is now available and can be viewed.


Highlights of the workshop agenda:

  • General background
  • Flow-based capacity calculation
  • Capacity allocation
  • CORE DA high-level business process
  • Detailed explanation CORE DA FB capacity calculation methodology
  • CORE transparancy framework
  • CORE publication of data

The presentations can be downloaded HERE.