Energy Business Motion

Core Flow-Based Intraday Capacity Calculation (a) go-live set on the 13th of June 2024


Optimising the allocation of cross-border capacity with new intra-day capacity calculation methods

After the successful launch of IDCC(b) on May 28th, Core TSOs announced the go-live date for IDCC(a) on June 13, 2024. This milestone enables the intraday market in the Core region to open at 15:00, significantly earlier than the current 22:00 start time, providing vital input for the intraday auction at 15:00. Further operational confirmation will be communicated on June 13.

On 11 July there will be a further CG session on IDCC (a) and (b) go-live. The invitation is available on the ENTSO-E website.

A description of the IDCC processes is available on the ENTSO-E website. Click here for more information.