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Core Flow-Based Market Coupling project member testing


Member testing will start on 04/04/2022

The project parties involved in the day-ahead Core Flow-Based Market Coupling project (Core FB MC) hereby announce that member testing will start on 04/04/2022.

The member testing period is organized to give market participant an end to end overview of the Core FB MC project daily operations including timings and processes.

Please note that clearing, settlement and nominations to your respective local TSO will not be tested.

The member tests will be organized on business days only and will start on 04/04/2022 and will end on 07/04/2022.

For schedule and timing please refer to the press release HERE.

Participation in the tests is open to all members so please feel free to submit your orders in Simulation2 environment.

However, if you wish to receive Market messages during the test, we kindly ask you to register by sending the below table to the following email address: by 30 March.

Trader’s Full Name


Email address


Company Full Name


ETS Shortname