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Effects of COVID-19 on HUPX prices and trading volumes


Mr. György Istvánffy, Head of Market Development at HUPX Ltd. held a presentation under the title „Effect of COVID-19 on HUPX prices and trading volumes” at an online workshop analyzing the impact of the coronavirus on energy markets organized by the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK) on 22nd of April, 2020.

Lockdown measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic brought immediate consequences to the energy markets while long-term effects are also to be expected. At the online webinar organized by REKK the already experienced drop in electricity demand, the changes in the production portfolios, as well as the development of spot and long-term electricity prices were analysed.

The speakers of the market-monitoring workshop discussed both the short- and long-term effects of the current crisis. Mr. Balázs Felsmann, research director of REKK Foundation, presented the changes observed in the international electricity markets; Mr. Sándor Herczeg, Deputy CEO for Market Operations and Finance at MAVIR spoke about the changes in the domestic electricity demand and generation portfolio; Mr. György Istvánffy described the effects on prices and trading volumes of HUPX and Mr. András Hazlach, Director of Proprietary Trading at MVM Partner Ltd. shared the experiences of an energy trader in this turbulent period.

Mr. Istvánffy’s presentation can be found in full length  here: Presentation