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FARCROSS: Innovative solutions to unlock barriers of cross-border trading


One of the key objectives of the European Union’s energy policies is to create a single European energy market, with harmonised regularisation, trading platforms and transparent, market-based incentives.

In order to achieve this goal, FARCROSS („FAcilitating Regional CROSS-Border Electricity Transmission through Innovation”) project was established to enhance regional electricity trading by improving cross-border interconnections.

This initiative is part of the Horizon 2020 programme (Grant Agreement No 864274) and supports cross-border power trading through innovative developments.

An extended and geographically large market can also increase competition between market players and boost security of supply, as it would provide more opportunities to cover consumer’s demands.

The main objective of the developments is to remove the barriers from increased cross border transmission and guarantee the unimpeded flow of energy among all Member States similarly to existing practices within the Member States.

FARCROSS promotes a unified and modern coupled electricity market in Europe and utilizes innovative, up-to-date software and hardware solutions to increase cross-border electricity flows that support the transition process to a flow-based regional coupled market. These developments are expected to encourage and optimise the cooperation between the major stakeholders of the energy-chain.

The consortium consists of 31 partners, including TSOs, DSOs, market operators, service providers and energy generators.

As a market operator, HUPX’s role in FARCROSS is to participate in a pilot project, which aims to develop a new co-optimised algorithm, giving market players the opportunity to jointly submit bids for cross-border regulation reserves and energy sales.

During the product development procedure HUPX will provide market expertise in line with the existing market conditions and supply data to align the new market platform to current practices.

According to the current status of the project work, the new market design will be finalised till the end of summer 2020.

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Project duration:  1st of October 2019 – 30th of September 2023