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Hungarian-Slovenian border joins SDAC and SIDC


Transmission line becomes operational on 30 June

MAVIR and ELES informed market participants that the inclusion of the 400 kV Cirkovce – Hévíz tie-line into operation will go-live on 30 June 2022. By this step the precondition will be fulfilled to include the border between Hungary and Slovenia into the European market coupling projects for day-ahead (SDAC) and intraday (SIDC) timeframe.   

The timeline for tie-line inclusion into cross border capacity calculation processes is as follows:

-    capacity calculation for day-ahead allocation via CORE FB MC (Core Flow-Based Market Coupling) with first delivery day 6. 7. 2022.
-    capacity calculation for intraday allocation via SIDC (Single Intraday Coupling) with first delivery day 7. 7. 2022.