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HUPX achieved new record total volume in 2019


Both traded volumes and membership numbers increased on HUPX’s markets in 2019. The exchange achieved important development milestones and closed a successful year with new record yearly volume.

HUPX Day-ahead Market’s total traded volume in 2019 reached 22 243 GWh, thus achieving a 11.7% increase from the 19 908 GWh realized in 2018. The most successful month in the Day-ahed Market’s operation was March when it reached record heights in trading with a total volume of 2 016 GWh. The highest ever daily traded volume in HUPX’s history was also accomplished in 2019 with 77 811 MWh reached on 27th February delivery day.

HUPX experienced great growth in the intraday volumes in the end of 2019 thanks to going live with XBID on November 19. On the intraday market the total 155 788 MWh traded volume of 2019 was nearly 3 times higher than in 2018, when 55 093 MWh was traded on the ID market. The highest daily traded volume was 5 565 MWh achieved on 13th December, 2019.

Furthermore, the exchange also welcomed altogether 7 new members on its intraday market thus had been operating with 36 members while on the day-ahead market 6 new members were admitted and the membership number reached 59 by the end of 2019.

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