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HUPX markets closed another outstanding year in 2021


2021 resulted in historical records both in day-ahead and intraday segments.

HUPX Day-ahead Market’s total traded volume in 2021 reached 27 859 GWh, thus achieving a +10% increase compared to the 25 234 GWh realized in 2020. The DE-AT-PL-4M MC (Interim Coupling) market coupling go-live on 17 June 2021 largely contributed to the increased volumes. The most successful month in the Day-ahead segment was October when it reached record highs with a monthly volume of 2 714 GWh. The highest daily traded volume was 108.189 GWh achieved on 13th December.

HUPX experienced an outstanding increase in trading volumes on its Intraday Market too in 2021, which was boosted by the largest development of the year: the reduction of the lead time to 15 minutes, launched on 1 July 2021. On the Intraday Market a total of 2 529 062 MWh was traded in 2021, meaning a +125% volume increase compared to the 1 126 056 MWh realized in 2020.

The intraday segment produced its highest month in December, as both monthly (311.102 GWh) and daily records were produced in the end of the year, the latest on 17 December with 21.239 GWh traded.

The exchange also welcomed 8 new members on intraday market, while on the day-ahead market 5 new members were admitted.

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