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HUPX MEET UP: Future of Power Trading - Data, Automation, Algorithms


On 1 June

HUPX organizes a workshop titled: Future of Power Trading - Data, Automation, Algorithms. The event will be held on 1 June from 4 p.m. in Budapest.  

To provide hands-on experiences and best practices for our members and partners, and with the aim to help the regional market community in adapting to the future of power trading, this year's HUPX event focuses on the challenges and possibilities of spot power trading automation. The workshop features presentations on this new, data-based future and a specialized panel discussion involving HUPX’s traders, technology providers and data service providers to engage on the topics above.

The event is invitation based, but limited number of tickets are still available until we reach the maximum capacity of the venue.*

In case you are interested to participate, please drop us an email to:

*Update: the event has been sold out, so for the time being in case of interest we can put you on a waiting list. We shall inform you in case of cancellations.