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HUPX’s Inside Information Platform registered on ACER IIP list


HUPX’s Inside Information Platform successfully completed the registration process  required by ACER in order to be listed as an official IIP on the ACER’s website.

In 2020, the Agency commenced the process of registering Inside Information Platforms (IIPs) as Regulated Information Services (RISs) based on their compliance with the minimum quality requirements for effective disclosure of inside information, as defined in the ACER Guidance.

ACER’s assessment led to the conclusion that HUPX’s IIP application complies with the requirements for the application of the obligation to disclose inside information, as described in the ACER Guidance, with the ACER Manual of Procedures on data reporting as well as with the REMIT Guidance on IIPs.

ACER therefore once more registered and listed HUPX inside information platform as IIP on the REMIT portal in 2020 and will collect these data from the website efficiently on a continuous basis.

HUPX’s IIP is open to Market Participants from all over Europe to report their inside information as required by REMIT.

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