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Introduction of ID3 index and changes in HUPX data publication


We are pleased to announce the introduction of the ID3 Price Index for the HUPX Intraday continuous market.

This new index is calculated from the last three hours of trading activity preceding GCT, representing a volume-weighted average price of the given period. It merges trading activity from both hourly and quarter-hourly contracts, thereby offering a more comprehensive and liquid measure of trading for each quarter hour.


HUPX would like to inform market participants of upcoming changes to the structure of our webpage, effective from 10th June. Key modifications include:

  • Removal of the excel export function for all data sets.
    • However, members, info users, and data vendor subscribers can still access the files under the corresponding folders on the SFTP server.
    • If you would like to have temporary, prolonged access to url-based Excel download please contact us at
  • Shortening the availability of historical market data for most markets.
  • Simplification of the Intraday market data publication to buy, sell, and total traded volumes, along with the different price indexes (VWAP, ID1, ID3 index).