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Invitation: Flow-based capacity calculation Workshop


On 19 July at MAVIR ZRt. in Budapest

MAVIR ZRt. organizes a workshop on 19 July 2023 (Wednesday) from 13:00 in Budapest which topic is the day-ahead flow-based capacity calculation and the market-coupling.

The event can be useful for those who would like to get to know better the flow-based capacity calculation method, the related expressions and correlations, which could support the better understanding of the results of the day-ahead market (prices, price differences, congestion).


The language of the workshop is Hungarian.

19.07.2023.13:30 – 16:00 (arrive from 13:00)

1031 Budapest, Anikó u. 4. (online streaming is not available)

In case you are interested to participate, please drop until 14.07.2023 to

Please indicate in the email the name, email address and company name of the participants.