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Latest developments and publications of the FARCROSS project


3rd press release of the FARCROSS project was published.

The press release includes a short summary of the findings of the 5th plenary meeting of the project, introduces the transformational grid enhancing technology, SmartValve™, that has been successfully commissioned in Greece lately, and presents two fresh publications from project partners:

  1. Dynamic Line Rating—An Effective Method to Increase the Safety of Power Lines
  2. Laboratory-Scaled DEMO possibilities for testing WAMPAC (Wide-Area Protection and Control) solutions before field implementation

The press release is available HERE.

What FARCROSS is about?

The FAcilitating Regional CROSS-border Electricity Transmission through Innovation (FARCROSS) project provides innovative solutions for the development of cross-border electricity trade using new hardware and software tools. As part of the developments, a test application will be developed that, through co-optimized cross-border capacity allocation, will allow market participants to bid together and trade cross-border in the reserve and energy markets with new connected products.

HUPX’s role in the FARCROSS project

HUPX is a committed partner of H2020 projects, aiming for a single and unified electricity market with cross-border price harmonization. See our brochure for more information HERE.