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Mr. György Istvánffy, Acting CEO at HUPX was a panelist on Athens Forum


Mr. György Istvánffy, Acting CEO and Head of Market Development at HUPX Ltd. participated on a panel debate under the title „COVID 19 aftermath – the impact on the energy sector” at the Webex based virtual -25th Athens Forum on 16th of June, 2020 organised by Energy Community Secretariat.

Mr. Istvánffy’s presentation focused on the electricity prices nosedive and can be found here: Athens Forum HUPX - Mr. Istvanffy presentation - 20200616

Furthermore the following topics were highlighted on this year’s Electricity Forum: during the first day experts discussed the impact of COVID19 on the energy sector and the triggers for holding up the targets of energy transition, greening the energy sector and phasing out of coal. Second day of the Forum focused on the impact that carbon pricing aspects may have on cross-border trade as well as regional electricity market integration.

You can find more information on Energy Community’s website: