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Successful HUPX-Veyt GO Webinar


Recording is available

Although it is November, the sun vas indeed shining beautifully on Thursday morning in Budapest and Oslo, thanks to the more than 180 participants, who were eager to attend our webinar co-hosted by HUPX-Veyt about the hot topics of the European GO Market.
We cannot be enough thankful to the range of highly esteemed speakers, who drew a stunning green picture of the current GO novelties in the EU region:

  • László Pintér kept all speakers, Q&A sessions, and the event in professional hands,
  • The fireside chat between Liesbeth Switten and Daniel Arnesson brought some new perspective and gave answers for many arising questions,
  • Márton Gábor Kádár went into details about HUPX GO pricing and provided the viewers with order insights of 2023,
  • Irina Peltegova analysed the price drivers, bulls and bears of 2022 and 2023, completed with an outlook for 2024.

The webinar took only one hour but included lots of insights. 


Did you miss the event? Find presentations and the recording here >>