Energy Business Motion

Trinity development: trading GOs in SEE


T-MARKET COUPLING FRAMEWORK, which enjoys the contributions of HUPX achieved remarkable improvements

TRINITY aims to facilitate the participation of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the different South-Eastern Europe (SEE)  markets, assuring the traceability of Green Energy Certificates and their integration in the different energy markets for acquiring a reliable follow-up of the commercialization of this kind of energy. 

Partners are making progress in the T-MARKET COUPLING FRAMEWORK, based on the latest updates „the most remarkable is the work done on improving trading of Guarantees of Origin (GO) in the SEE region in an organized way, for both auction-based and continuous based trading, enabling cross-border trade of GOs between different market areas. The platform enables trading with various products, and there is room left for new products that may appear in the future.”

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