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Introducing the HUPX GO market


HUPX will launch the first Hungarian guarantees of origin market in the summer of 2022

In the first phase of the operation of the Hungarian GO market MAVIR, as the nominated buyer of Hungarian FiT production will be the sole seller of the related guarantees of origins in quarterly auctions, while buyer side is open to energy traders, end-users and other market participants. Available technologies include solar, wind and other renewable volumes produced under the FiT scheme.

The new market rules are expected to be available in the beginning of 2022, member tests of the trading platform are scheduled for spring, while the go-live is foreseen at the beginning of summer, subject to successful testing.

For more information please refer to our press release and visit our dedicated GO website: >>

We will keep you updated about all the additional information regarding the launch of the market, follow us for GO news!

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